Bonne Maison Socks Crimson Nude
Bonne Maison

Bonne Maison Socks Crimson Nude

Bonne Maison socks are made from a double thread Egyptian cotton, perfectly round and smooth. As a result of, this high quality raw material and special spinning technique this eliminates short fibres, thus preventing the pilling of the cotton once knitted, making it smooth, soft, matt and strong. Their colours are created with care and the dyeing of the threads is specially made for Bonne Maison in Italy.

Thanks to the know how of their French manufacturer, they have created a high quality sock, really thin, with a stitchless strengthened toe. The delicacy of the stitch ensure a great precision in the patterns. 

 Rosebud Pink, Wilted Red and Dark Brown Nude on Crimson Red background with Pumpkin Orange toe.

Size: EU 39/41  UK 6/8